Angelini Estate


Azienda Agricola Angelini is nestled approximately 1000 ft above sea level in the small farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy.  Azienda Agricola is another word for estate which denotes the wine is made only from grapes grown here. The 200 acre Angelini farm has been in the family for over three generations with 8 acres of vineyards of specially selected varietals; Sangiovese, Vernaccia (Pergola Rosso) & Merlot.

Our estate wines are cared for primarily employing organic intervention methods.  We utilize larger barrels and employ longer ageing processes which help to retain the distinct terroir character of the wines we make.  Our goal is to produce serious wines for the most demanding consumer.

The Angelini Estate has beautiful olive trees scattered about the property as well as pastures of radiant sunflowers, flowering alfalfa and fields of wheat.  Our farm is located on the beautiful rolling hills of the Marche region and only 16 miles from sea, on a clear day visitors can spot a view of the Adriatic from the vineyard.  The farm is proudly and meticulously maintained by a local personal caretaker throughout the year.

As the Azienda Agricola Angelini continues to evolve, studies are taking place to refurbish the
existing farmhouse building on the estate for future leisure and travel accommodations.