Carpene Malvolti  Kerner Brut

Type: Sparkling / Kerner Brut
Year: NV
Region: Veneto
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Varietal:    100% Kerner
Color:    Pale yellow with green reflections
Bouquet:    Complex. Initial nose is floral, of freesias and jasmine, followed by fruity notes of cling peaches and hints of citrus fruits. A slight undertone of mint
Taste:    Excellent mineral tones and good acidity. Rounded, with full fruit and mellowness from the alcohol and overall structure. Also some bitter almond notes. Both the aromas and flavors linger long on the finish
Food Pairing:    Vegetables, mature cheeses or shellfish
Serving Temp:    Chilled: 50°F (10°C)
Suggested Aging:    Drink now
Suggested Retail:    $19.99