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Did someone say Tequila?  Announcing Amate Tequila, now available through Angelini Wine Distributors

As a boutique distributor, our clients have trusted us for close to 29 years to be discerning in the finely selected choices of wines that we are known for.  Now, in addition to wine and craft beers, we introduce a fine trio of Tequila by Amate.

 filling the amate

Amate Tequila is a true work of passion, a lifelong family dream of Juan Carlos Jimenez.  This special Tequila is handcrafted by Mexican artists who take pride in what they produce, each bottle represents their dedication to their craft and is a reflection of their culture. The Amate mission is to provide the smoothest Tequila in the world, a Tequila that you can sip, savor and celebrate with.

It all starts with the plant.


.agave plan shucked

Amate Premium is produced only using 100% Weber Blue Agave keeping a family tradition of only using the best Blue Agave possible.  The family also utilizes new cutting edge techniques in the processing and refinement of each Tequila.

agave out of oven

Slow cooking of the agave plant in brick ovens combined with a natural aerobic fermentation process and a two time tower distillation is what maintains the incredible smooth distinctive taste you are sure to find in every sip of Amate Tequilas.

crushing agave

The factory is located in Zapopan, Jalisco – nearby is  a deep well used to slow distillation and filtering.  The Tequila is then aged in American oak barrels.

oak barrels for amate

The founders of Amate are both hands on and personally taste and approve every single batch produced.

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The Amate Collection

Sample all three Tequilas as a flight or pick your favorite one to sip.


Amate Blanco – Suggested Retail $44.99

Taste: A brisk buoyant entry leads to a round medium-bodied palate with sea salt, herbs, and earthy peppery agave. Finishes with a reveal of sweet fruity agave and spicy pink peppercorns. An idiosyncratic and rustically styled blanco with robust food–‐like flavor elements.



Amate Reposado – Suggested Retail $54.99

Taste:  A soft entry leads to a dryish light–‐bodies palate with flax, honey, salt, smokey oak wood, banana and spice note. Finishes with a sweet fade of agave and white pepper. A nuby, rustically flavored style with an elegant finish. The Reposado has a long, enticing finish.


Amate Anejo – Suggested Retail $64.99

Taste: Medium to full bodied palate with peppercorns, salted peanuts, burnt caramel and white pepper flavors.  The finish has hints of well integrated spice. Matured in white oak barrels for more than one year, this specially aged reserve offers the finest flavor you can find, with a golden color as rich as the taste.


Prefer a mixed drink?   Try an Italian Margarita:

Italian Margarita

1 part Amate Tequila
1/2 part lime juice
Shake and serve with ice
Don’t forget, July 24th is National Tequila Day!  Hope you have a fantastic celebration!