The summer is hot, and so are our newest wines from Argentina, San Huberto!

San Huberto and its vineyards are located on 400 hectares in the Aminga Valley, Province of La Rioja, Argentina- an area with excellent characteristics for growing grapes. The origins of San Huberto can be traced as far back from 1905 and today they are now one of the top leading brands in sales in Argentina.

We were so impressed with these award winning wines, we brought in a full line up:


San Huberto  Blanco Dulce Sweet White – a fruity, sweet, medium body and tangy wine with tastes of mango, papaya and a custard accented finish.  Reccomended with desserts and soft cheeses.

Suggested Retail $12.99


San Huberto  Torrontes – known as “The White Wine of Argentina”, this wine boasts aromas of caramelly peach cobbler and floral talc;  its a light to medium body wine with hints of lemon zest and grass notes.  A nice, dry and fragrant table wine ideal for seafood and poultry dishes.

Suggested Retail $12.99



San Huberto  Malbec – a dryish, medium body wine with lightly toasted cedar, browned apple and spice notes, finishing with a hint of watermelon and earthly tannins.  Ideally served with red meats and hard cheeses.

Suggested Retail $12.99


San Huberto  Reserva Malbec– this Malbec has an intense ruby red color with aromas of roasted coffee beans and baker’s chocolate.  A supple entry to a dryish medium body with good depth and smoothness, well paired with meats and Mediterranean food.

Suggested Retail $14.99


San Huberto  Cabernet Sauvignon – simply a beautiful dry medium body wine, a classic Cabernet perfectly served with grilled meats or chicken.

Suggested Retail  $12.99


San Huberto  Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – a deep garnet colored wine with intense red fruit aromas and hints of coffee and vanilla beg you to taste the light to medium body cabernet.  With tastes of charred nuts and cherry tobacco notes, it’s an ideal choice for grilled red meat and pasta pairings.

Suggested Retail $14.99

Now that we’ve got you thirsty…find your summer inspiration at the beach and find out why San Huberto says  “Not anyone stands as tall as an oak, Go for it!”

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