What a perfect time of year to introduce you to the newest member of our beer portfolio, Swing Oil American Craft Beer.


As we continue our commitment to sourcing for unique, local and finely crafted beers, we are thrilled to add Swing Oil Beer Company of Granby, MA to our lineup. Swing Oil embodies the small, boutique style dedication to quality as many of our thoughtfully selected wine producers.   We are excited to partner as their Connecticut Beer Distributor and look forward to sharing their passion for making great beer.

A bit about Swing Oil Beer Company…

After a long, hot summer season of golf in 2011, the owners, Tommy and Mike were inspired to elevate the beer selections available at the 19th Hole with an All-American Craft Beer. Their company was born shortly thereafter with a commitment to creating flavorful craft beers to be enjoyed by golf and craft beer fans everywhere. The name speaks for itself, commonly known to help improve performance (slicing, hooking, doffing, whiffing, etc.) on the golf course, Swing Oil Beer Company is “dedicated to improving the mental game of golf by pushing the boundaries of brewing through fearlessness and innovation.” Swing Oil has been making the rounds throughout Massachusetts filling retailers’ shelves, tap lines and racks of bottle offerings at favorite sports bars and taverns.


Swing Oil Beer Company uses traditional and non-traditional ingredients to produce a unique twist on Ale. With its golden color, citrus notes, a hint of hops, and smooth clean finish, Swing Oil Ale will be the perfect complement to the golf game or a tasty brew that so many desire.


Looking forward to trying Swing Oil Ale?  Use our locator to find Connecticut restaurant or retailer near you.