Plozza  No1 - Numero Uno

Type: Red / Nebbiolo
Year: 2012
Region: Lombardia
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Varietal:    100% Nebbiolo
Color:    Ruby red
Bouquet:    Seductive notes of raisins and plum compote enriched by hints of cloves and pepper
Taste:    Snappy, yet fully mature tannins with stirring notes of plum, vanilla, cinnamon, apple compote and pepper. A zesty, bold, and respectable wine with a long-lasting finish
Food Pairing:    Seafood risottos; richly flavored fish such as salmon and eel; white meats such as veal or chicken
Serving Temp:    68°F (20°C)
Suggested Aging:    25 years
Suggested Retail:    $149.99