Ron Plebiscito and Julius Angelini, co-owners of Angelini Wine, Ltd. recently took a trip to Italy to celebrate the 50th Anniversary at Livon Vineyards.  To their surprise and honor, they received a special and unique award presented by Valneo and Tonino Livon, owner of Livon Vineyards, naming Angelini Wine as the oldest and continuous importer of Livon wines outside of Italy.  As a long standing relationship and highlight of their portfolio, Angelini Wine has been importing Livon wines through their distribution business in Connecticut since 1986.

award 1

(Above, from left to right:  Valneo Livon, Ron Plebiscito, Julius Angelini, and Tonino Livon)

award 2

The celebration in Fruili for Livon’s 50th Anniversary began with a Gala event on Friday evening, featuring an opportunity to taste some of Livon’s finest wines, including the Fenis 2013, Solarco Collio Bianco 2013, Braide Alte 2012, and Picotis 2011.  The décor was breathtaking, expertly designed with flowing white linens both indoors and out; the food at Porocna in Soba was magnificent with perfectly paired choices of each wine listed above.

livon 7

photo 4

(Front terrace of Porcna in Soba.  Note the Italian Alps in the distance.)

On Saturday morning, the festivities moved to the brand new deck at the Braide Alte Facility which overlooks the vineyards.  This was a far more casual affair offering skyline views and pleasant conversations.

a braidalte sign

livon 39


Later Saturday afternoon, the celebration turned to a more formal gathering at Villa Chiopris Bed and Breakfast.  The event included a visit from Italian Dignitaries, politicians and special friends.

livon 85

(Above: Valneo Livon with the Friuli Wine Tasting Guild)

Later that evening, as a special treat, 30 guests were invited to the original wine cellar at Livon to taste several old vintage white wines.  The 1986 Pinot Bianco wine was the highlight of the evening.  The wine was fresh, well balanced with a nice structure; it was hard to believe it was created almost thirty years ago.



(Above: Livon tasting/storage room containing cases of every wine made by Livon since 1964)

Livon truly made the anniversary celebration a time to remember.  The details of not only the events, but the signage and awards made the anniversary more special.  The famed Erte artwork used on their logo has been enhanced with permission to include a 50th Anniversary logo.  The incorporation of art didn’t end there…rather than a typical award certificate, Livon commissioned a local sculptor, Tiare di Zurchi Stefania to create and design a unique ceramic award to be tied around the familiar and symbolic ceramic girl.

a jr logo


a tiare cereamic doll




We look forward to another 50 years working with our friends at Livon.  Take some time to explore our Livon portfolio for yourself and clink your glass with a special Cheers to 50!