Fine Wine meets Fine Beer: Introducing Collesi Italian Beer

It’s the perfect time of year to announce our new Italian Beer selections produced by Tenute Collesi.  We have searched for many years for the finest quality in Italian Beer imports and are proud to bring you Collesi.

Collesi beers are skillfully brewed at the Collesi brewing plant in Apecchio, a charming medieval town in the countryside of Italy’s Marche region (not far from our home in San Lorenzo).    The fine quality ingredients of Collesi beer are the result of the brewery’s prime geographical location. The hard limestone water from Mount Nerone is known as one of Europe’s finest for brewing.  The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields, is malted at the Marche regional malthouse and then returns to the brewery as malt to be used in beer-making.

Colessi employs top Belgian master brewers who work to achieve a perfectly balanced beer with great appeal, true to the Belgian Trappist brewing traditions.   The beer is so elegant and delicious, they even have created a special glass to serve the beer in (although any wine glass will do).

The founder, Giuseppe Collesi, is passionate about sharing his handcrafted beer throughout the world – you can now find Collesi in United States through Angelini Wine Importers and Distributors.

Now…for the beer selections, we loved them so much we brought in 6 fantastic ales with 2 more on the way!

Collesi Birra Bionda

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

From “munich” barley, this unpasteurized ale beer, naturally refermented in the bottle, shows a very fine-grain, rich and creamy foam and good perlage. Its hallmarks are a pronounced aroma of hops in bloom and malt and fruity notes.

Collesi Birra Chiara

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

From “pilsen” barley, this unpasteurized ale beer, naturally refermented in the bottle, shows a very fine grain, rich and creamy foam and good pelage. Chiara has an elegant and fruity flavor.

Collesi Birra Ambrata

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

An intense and glowing taste with warm and rounded notes, distinguished by a robust flavor of hops that deepens the rich bouquet.

Collesi Birra Rossa

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

Unpasteurized red ale beer naturally refermented in the bottle. A beer with a great personality, pleasantly sweet with intense and spicy aroma of caramel, malt, hazelnuts and a very persistent finish.

Collesi Birra Nera

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

Unpasteurized stout beer naturally refermented in the bottle. Full bodied taste, soft, creamy and lingering mouthfeel. Velvety and smooth foam looking like a cappuccino.

Collesi Birra Triplo Malto

Suggested Retail $10.99/btl

Triple malt means that the quantity of malt used for brewing the beer is three times the regular amount. More malt means more starches that can be converted into sugars and then into alcohol. Full-bodied with great personality.

In a world full of handcrafted brews, you can expect the best from Collesi.  Visit your favorite local retailer to try these fine ales today!