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Local and national favorites, Angelini Wine and Deep River Snacks united for a ‘Wine and Chip Tasting’ on Small Business Saturday at Shore Discount Liquors located in Deep River, CT for an opportunity to share a unique culinary twist on Wine pairings.   About 35 people stopped by the tasting table to sample their favorite and some new chip flavors with the wines.  What was discovered?  Potatoes, Pickles and Prosecco created the most harmonious and tasty spicy explosion and well….Mesquite BBQ with Prosecco was not lighting anyone’s fire as the wine held back the flavor.


Overall 5 wines and 10 Flavors of Snacks were sampled, the top contenders were:

  • Carpene Malvoltti Prosecco paired with the Spicy Dill Pickle Kettle Chips – like poprocks in your mouth, the spice explodes as the bubbles meet your mouth
  • Carpene Malvoltti Prosecco also brought out the spice in the Zesty Jalapeño – flames of fire head down your throat as the body heats up!
  • Carl Reh Riesling paired with Sweet Maui Onion – enhanced the onion flavors and Sea Salt & Vinegar – brought out the sweet and tangy tastes of the vinegar
  • Livon Pinot Grigio paired nicely with the Rosemary and Olive Oil Chips (like a nice Italian meal)  and Aged Cheddar & Horseradish – melted the cheddar taste
  • Palagetto Chianti was perfectly matched with the Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Chips bringing out the peppery flavors




We had a fabulous time working with Deep River Snacks on this tasting.  We also happen to love their mission “We give a chip”.  Each chip flavor has a charity associated to it and a portion of the sales proceeds goes to each specific organization.  A wonderful commitment to community all around.

We look forward to sampling some new flavors that Deep River Snacks has recently launched, including Ninja Ginger and a good ole Classic Chip.

A big thanks to Shore Discount Liquors for hosting our wine and chip tasting.

Tell us, what’s your favorite snack combo?