100% Tariffs on European wines are once again being proposed by the U.S. Trade Representative. Public comment to impact the decision closes on July 26, 2020. WE NEED YOUR HELP.


These tariffs if imposed will more than double the price of your favorite wine imports and cause catastrophic revenue loss and business closures throughout the wine, liquor, restaurant, bar, hospitality, entertainment, importing and shipping industries and will also impact city and state governments. The already imposed 25% tariffs has had a significant negative economic impact. When this proposed new tariff was first raised in January of 2020 we were very concerned, however now due to the economic impact of Covid-19, if these tariffs go through, it will annihilate the many businesses that are already suffering


The potential negative outcomes that these 100% tariffs will create in the marketplace, include, but are not limited to:

·      The price of your favorite imported bottles of wine will more than double

·      You may no longer be able to get the wines that you are accustomed to getting from Italy and throughout Europe

·      More people will lose their jobs, causing a worsened ripple effect throughout the economy

·      Restaurants and Bars will have lost business and face potential closure

·      Trucking, Shipping, Importing, State and Local Governments will have a significant loss of revenues

The disturbing fact remains that these tariffs are being considered due to a Boeing Airbus trade dispute, completely unrelated to the wine industry. Again, we need your help to prevent these tariffs from being implemented.

Please act immediately to help to prevent this from happening:

The US Wine Trade Alliance has created a simple process to take action today. Click here to easily contact your elected officials in Congress, as well as the U.S. Trade Representative, and urge them NOT TO SUPPORT THESE DESTRUCTIVE and ANTI-CONSUMER TARIFFS. 

  Click here to read the full Tariff proposal and list of impacted products.

 A few recent articles of reference on this topic include:

·      ABC NEWS–





  Please share this information and call for action with your family and friends. We are running out of time.


  Thank you for your continued support.

  Sincerely, Julius Angelini