Last week, Angelini Wine was a guest on iCRV Radio’s show ‘Fermented’.  Hosts Mark Griswold and Stephen Gencarella invited us in to talk about Italian Liquors, specifically our Russo Limoncello, Russo Nocino and Carpene Malvolti Grappa, and we of course obliged.  Mark, a bio-scientist loves to talk shop about the technical aspects of wine, beer and liquor, while Stephen shares his experience and knowledge as professor of folklore at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and locally is known as the resident folklorist at the Connecticut River Museum.  When you pair the two up with Julius Angelini of Angelini Wine to share the Italian history and culture, the show turns into a well-rounded discussion covering many interesting facts and folklore.  In addition to talking about the liquors, we conduct an on-air tasting and discuss the nuances of each flavor.  Mark Griswold also considers himself a mixologist by heart.  In researching our products to present on air, he developed an interest in creating some Autumnal Cocktails perfect for the season.  We share ‘The Nutty Manhattan’ and ‘The Malocchio’ cocktail recipes below:













The Nutty Manhattan

 2oz Bourbon

1/2oz Russo Nocino

1/2oz Sweet Vermouth

3 Dashes of Orange Bitters



Shake all ingredients, except bitters, with ice and strain into a rocks glass.  Add bitters and garnish with orange peel coin and a cherry.  You can flame the orange peel oil into the drink if you want a little excitement!



The Malocchio (Evil Eye)

 1 1/2 oz Grappa Bianca

3/4oz Simple Syrup

3/4oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 Egg white

4 Dashes of Habanero Bitters

2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

Place grappa, simple syrup, Lime juice, and egg white in a martini shaker.  Shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.  Add ice to the shaker, and shake until cold.  Double strain into a rocks glass, and add bitters.  Garnish with a single Italian red chilli pepper on a straw or stick, and place it across the top of the glass to make the evil eye.

Give these Nocino and Grappa inspired cocktails try and let us know what you think!  Cheers!