We are thrilled to partner with Canción Tequila to introduce their fine tequilas to the discerning spirits drinkers of Connecticut. We are deeply impressed by the quality of Canción tequilas and their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Now, more than ever, it’s tequila time in Connecticut!

Canción Tequila is the award-winning brand of 100 percent Blue Weber agave tequilas from international touring and recording artists Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (formerly The Refreshments). Named after the Spanish translation of ‘Song’, Canción Tequila has found popularity on both sides of the border, boasting four varietals — Blanco, Reposado and Añejo— all having earned medals from national and international competitions, and the newly released Extra Añejo. Like Clyne himself – a third generation Arizonan who was born in Tucson -Canción Tequila is a staple of the Southwest and a fast growing name in the Tequila industry.

The ultra-premium line of Tequilas was formerly known for years as Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine. In 2021 this Tequila has been re-born as Canción Tequila. All varietals are double-distilled and then filtered three times to create a spirit so smooth you can sip it.

So, what separates Canción Tequila from all the rest? In a word — purity. There are no fillers, additives, colors or flavors included in our ultra-premium tequilas. Canción harvests agaves from the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico where they are firmly committed to environmentally friendly practices. The distillery takes the extra step in filtering leftover liquids from the distillation process into drinkable water and compostable solids so that the water table does not receive any impurities. Solar panels on the rooftop of the distillery generate more than 40 percent of the power to make the tequila.

Canción Tequila Blanco

100% Blue Agave, Double-Distilled, Triple-Filtered

Crystal clear brilliance conspires with melon and citrus to subtly harmonize and create an alluring nose. Floral agave with hints of quince and white pepper blend for a balanced encounter. The finish is smooth and enduring, leaving the palate with a warm and lustrous invitation to return. Suggested Retail $44.99


Canción Tequila Reposado

100% Blue Agave, Canción Tequila Reposado Triple-Filtered

Resting for 9 months in Bourbon barrels imparts a golden radiance with a viscous, buttery entry to the palate. A rhythmic balance of agave, hints of honey and oak accents. Finishes with a smooth and smoldering crescendo. Suggested Retail $52.99


Canción Tequila Añejo

100% Blue Agave, Double-Distilled, Triple-Filtered

Simple elegance begins with aging for 18 months in Bourbon barrels heralding a full nose of smoky, woody notes. A silky entry to the palate that finishes with a harmonious blend of sweet and dry tastes of agave, tobacco and hints of vanilla. Perfect for sipping. Lingers with a long, silky glow.  Suggested Retail $62.99


Canción Tequila Extra Añejo

100% Blue Agave, Double-Distilled, Triple-Filtered

A celestial union of a premium Bourbon barrel and agave spirit allowed to rest and coalesce for over three years. Tequila’s legendary obsidian terroir meets the heritage of American White Oak Bourbon barrels to conjure seamless notes of dry fruit, woody smoke and hints of caramel and butterscotch. The finish is extravagant and refined. Suggested Retail $109.99

Ask your favorite retailer or restaurant for this fantastic new tequila!  Arriba!!!