As wines mature and often become more special with age, so do many of our loved ones.  This year, in time for Father’s Day, I am especially proud to announce a very special new wine in honor of my Dad, Vittorio Angelini. If it weren’t for my father, it isn’t likely that I would be in the wine importing business.  And it’s not all just about the wine, it’s about the culture, the farm, the food and celebration of life.

Dad is now 91 years old and I wanted honor him in a way that would capture his passion and pass it along to others.  Naming a wine after him and simply calling it Vino di Vittorio seemed an appropriate way. The wine needed to be a traditional product, but is also unique- leading us to a blend of mostly Sangiovese with a little Merlot and, of course, Pergola Rosso.  No other wine has this combination or taste.  It is a wine that requires long aging and that will develop a silky smooth taste.

Below are photos of the Vernaccia vine (now known as Pergola Rosso and estimated to be over 100 years old) that grows in front of the farm house on the Angelini Estate.  There are less than 10 wineries that produce this Pergola Rosso commercially.   It is a very aromatic varietal that is unique and a surprise to all who taste it, which is why it had to be a part of the meaningful blend of Vino di Vittorio.


Honoring my father with the announcement of the 2012 Angelini Estate Vino di Vittorio.

Angelini Estate Vino di Vittorio Sugg. Retail $20.99

The label for this special wine also has meaning, embracing old and new elements.  The initials AV (Angelini Vittorio) can be seen throughout the Angelini Estate as a symbolic emblem to the family and farm traditions.

Recalling this branding, we decided to use the “V” for Vittorio for the label’s main feature.


Upon your first sip of the Vino di Vittorio, we hope you envision yourself enjoying a visit to Italy, or just simply enjoying a nice meal with your dad.

Ask for the new Vino di Vittorio at a wine retailer near you and say Grazie to all Dads.

-Julius Angelini