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In 1997, Christina Fausti, a vineyard owner in the Marche region of Italy, partnered with world-renowned winemaker Domenico d’Angelo to pioneer the development of organic viticulture. Their dream, today a reality, began with the challenge of producing a special organic blend utilizing two varietals, Montepulciano (indigenous of the March region) and Syrah (an international varietal), in a specific geographical location in the Marche region. The resulting wine was named “Vespro” and has become a signature wine of the Fausti portfolio.

Located in the town of Fermo, just 1.25 miles from the Adriatic coastline, the 25 acre Fausti estate is in the final stages of transitioning to fully organic growing practices. The 22.5 acres of vineyards have a high density of 2000 vines per acre. They include 5 varietals, including three different Montepulciano clones (one of which is a direct descendant of one hundred year old vines from Fermo), Syrah and Sangiovese; and 2 white varietals, Passerina and Pecorino. In 2002, a new state of the art winery was built directly next to the house and the vineyards, which uses gravity to transfer wine into the storage facility below ground where the wine is aged to perfection.

Although sparse with vineyards today, wine production in this area was of some historical significance. The coat of arms on the medieval tower overlooking the estate, and a vine with three grape clusters were recorded in historical documents. Having important historic relevance, the tower became the symbol of the winery; reigning over the vineyards, countryside, the Conero and Sibillini mountains, and the Adriatic Sea.

Fausti  Passerina

Type: White / Passerina
Year: 2015
Region: Marche
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Varietal:    100% certified organic Passerina
Color:    Light straw yellow, taking on a golden hue with age
Bouquet:    Delicate citrus fruit fragrance with hints of green apple
Taste:    Fresh and inviting with citrus and apple notes, nice acidity and persistent finish
Food Pairing:    Variety of fish dishes and light cheeses
Serving Temp:    Chilled: 55°F (13°C)
Suggested Aging:    Drink now
Suggested Retail:    $10.99
Fausti  Sangiovese Rosato

Type: Red / Rosé
Year: 2015
Region: Marche
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Varietal:    100% certified organic Sangiovese
Color:    Light rose pink with crimson highlights
Bouquet:    Delicate fragrance of apples and fresh blueberries
Taste:    Mature cherry notes with balanced acidity
Food Pairing:    Variety of fish, soups, and all white meat dishes
Serving Temp:    Chilled: 55° F (13° C)
Suggested Aging:    
Suggested Retail:    $10.99
Fausti  Rosso Piceno "Fausto"

Type: Red / Rosso Piceno
Year: 2015
Region: Marche
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Varietal:    100% certified organic grapes: 60% Montepulciano, 40% Sangiovese
Color:    Deep purple
Bouquet:    Scents of violets and wild cherry with oak undertones
Taste:    Clean, crisp wild cherry flavors with hints of oak and a lasting finish
Food Pairing:    Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and grilled sausages
Serving Temp:    68°F (20°C)
Suggested Aging:    2 to 5 years
Suggested Retail:    $10.99
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