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Angelini Estate    
Azienda Agricola Angelini is located on the hillside at 900-1000 ft above sea level in the small farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy. Azienda Agricola is another word for estate which denotes the wine is made only from grapes grown here. The 200 acre farm has been in the family for three generations with 7.5 acres of vineyards of specially selected varietals; Sangiovese, Vernaccia (Pergola Rosso) & Merlot.

The winery has selected to only work with red grapes and 1000-2000 liters barrels for ageing (no barriques are used). We also feel that the terroir character of the wines is more distinct through the use of larger barrels and longer ageing. All vineyards have twice the number of vines of standard vineyards and the production is limited to 1-2kg per vine. This is equivalent to 1-2 bottles of wine per vine.

Another selection made by the winery is to produce serious wines for the most demanding consumer. The use of organic intervention is always preferred and unless there is a catastrophe the use of inorganic herbicide, pesticide and insecticide is never used.

Angelini Estate  Pergola Rosso

Type: Red / Pergola
Year: 2016
Region: Marche
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Varietal:    100% Pergola
Description:    Ruby red. Mountain rose petals and lavender. Dry, medium bodied, silky soft in texture, with notes of wild cherries, strawberries and currants
Food Pairing:    Grilled white meats, pasta carbonara and risotto dishes
Serving Temp:    Slightly chilled: 62° F (17° C)
Suggested Aging:    
Suggested Retail:    $15.99
Angelini Estate  Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi Riserva

Type: Red / Sangiovese
Year: 2013
Region: Marche
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Varietal:    100% Sangiovese
Description:    Dark Purple. Spicy with accents of cherries and a hint of cedar. Lingering stewed fruit with touches of black currant
Food Pairing:    Pasta with tomato and meat sauce, roasts and cheeses
Serving Temp:    68°F (20°C)
Suggested Aging:    10-15 years
Suggested Retail:    $15.99
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