Julius Angelini along with a few members of his team recently visited Italy for both business and family vacation time.  In addition to visiting the Russo Distilleria and lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast, the trip was filled with visits to six wine producers from the importer’s growing portfolio of boutique Italian winemakers.

From Amalfi, the group headed up through the Apennine Range towards the region of Abruzzo where they spent an evening at the Pasetti Estate and Vineyards.  From there they headed north to the Angelini Estate located in San Lorenzo in Campo, in the Region of Marche.  After a 6 day respite in Marche, the next stop was Tuscany and an overnight visit to the medieval town of Il Borro, where Salvatore Ferragamo’s Il Borro wines are produced.  Next the group headed through Chianti to enjoy a visit in San Gimignano at the Palagetto Agriturismo.  After a few days of sightseeing and a quick trip to Florence, the group had time for a stop at Col di Lamo in Montalcino prior to their final stop at Fattoria Colsanto before heading back to the states.


Visiting the wine producers, tasting the wines, new vintages and new wines is an important part of importing Italian wines to the US.  Julius prides himself on ensuring quality products are brought to his consumers.  When you know the family and the people behind the production of the wines, you feel as though you are extending those relationships to the consumer when they enjoy the wines that you import and distribute.  We love the wines, but we also respect and admire the people we work with who are behind the wines.