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Angelini - Marche    
The Angelini selection wines have been chosen for their outstanding quality and value. The winery has selected to only work with red grapes and 1000-3000 liters barrels for ageing (no barriques are used). They feel that the terroir character of the wines is more distinct through the use of larger barrels and longer ageing. All vineyards have twice the number of vines of standard vineyards, 5000 vines per hectare (2000 vines per acre) and the production is limited to 1-2kg. per vine. This is equivalent to 1-2 bottles of wine per vine. The selection of grapes are performed three times in the vineyard. In June and August they throw away the grapes that are not suitable for high quality. At harvest time they separate grapes that are not perfect; another decision made by the winery to produce serious wines for the most demanding consumer.

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